This paper shows the emergence of robotics and the corporate social responsibilities of the companies towards the human labor. Over the years robots and machines become very famous among the people. Through the book, television shows and movies people know a lot regarding the robots. Though the governments have some rules and regulations for the protection of society, the corporate also have a responsibility towards the society they need to require some steps to follow for the betterment of the society. The company’s owner want to make more profit and increase their productivity so they feel it’s better to use robots instead of human workers to increase efficiency. With every invention there is a drawback comes. We only see the benefit of that invention but for once we never think of the negative impact of that invention. People don’t think about the effect of technology before using. The invention of robots is a very important invention of this century it makes many things easy for us. In one point it increases the technology in another hand for using robots instead of human the unemployment rate is increasing. Nowadays many companies are using artificial intelligence. Here I will show how the robotics and CSR are related. And how the corporation can behave ethically towards this issue.