Transactional Leadership
Through observance and with the usage of returns and penalties transactional leadership encourages the existing company goals and expectation of the performances. This leadership is most effective for the highly specified projects which have strict deadlines and less resources. This will help the organization to know about the status of the project as it is more close to the employees and how the y perform the tasks. In this leadership style, the leader uses his authority and responsibility as his power as well as the style has a formal approach (S & Says, 2017).
Transactional leadership can be more effective for the supervisors who have minimum wages. This approach would be more effective for the restaurant owners if they concentrate more in running the business smoothly rather than thinking in how to serve the food in different ways.
Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership focuses on increasing employee motivation and engagement and attempts to link employees’ sense of self with organizational values (Ingram, 2018). This approach improves the capabilities of the employees towards the achievements of the organization goals by taking their decisions for buy-in.
Transformational leader will be more effective for the CEO’s or the marketing managers. To implement the change in the organization these managers will design and make communications to achieve their goals and missions.
According to my opinion there is no leadership style which suites for all the situations. So, single leadership style would not effective for the organization it must acquire various leaderships which helps to deal all the situations and the needs in the company.