‘Value’ is an anthropocentric concept as it depends upon the perception or judgment
of the human society about the usefulness of something. The goods and services
provided by an ecosystem are then considered as values. All values are derived from
the functions performed by an ecosystem. All wetlands perform certain functions and
hence, have some values. Some times, these functions and values are considered
interchangeably. It must be stressed however that all kinds of wetlands do not perform
all possible functions, and therefore do not have similar values. The functions depend
upon the location, size and various ecosystem, characteristics of the wetland, and also
upon the nature and degree of human intervention. Functions of an ecosystem are
ecological attributes resulting from the interaction between its physical, chemical and
biological components. These interactions result in the creation of a variety of niches,
which are occupied by various organisms thus providing a habitat to plants, animals
and microorganism, is an ecosystem function. Besides the foregoing quantifiable and