Verbal, non -verbal, technology or written for Health and Social Care, Communication is one of the most important keys: from patients/clients to “colleagues in the health care team who rely on good communication to help them deliver safe, coordinated and effective care. ” (first steps, 2015)
Communication is about significantly more than the words we say. The tone of our voice when we talk, the consideration we provide for what the other individual is saying, the messages we give out by the manner in which we move and position our bodies and the exactness and clearness of what we write are likewise key components of good communication.
Written communication/ formal records are extremely important:
“If inaccuracies occur with keeping of formal records, a service user could have the wrong treatment or be given incorrect information with disastrous results” (marked by teachers, 2003-2015) To make sure the care and treatment can continue to be given safely no matter which staff are on duty, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
To make sure there is an accurate record to be used as ‘evidence’ when there is a complaint from a patient/client about the care they have received.