When the time comes, you have to enter a university and get an advanced education. Several understudies to-be confront a genuine scholastic difficulty. Which university to pick, either a public university or private university? There is an arrangement of contrasts concerning the participation of a public university contrasted with a private one, or, in other words settling on a choice about an advanced education institution. For the most part, these dissimilarities are arranged into four issues. For example, cost, size, scholastics, and public image.
I disagree with the statement that studying in a private university is better than a public university. It is because a public university has lower tuition fees than a private university. A private university is privately funded and usually has higher tuition than a public university. Total tuition fees for courses at private universities can reach up to 3 to 9 times the amount of tuition fees at a public university. For example, pursuing an Engineering Degree at a private university can cost between RM47 000 and RM170 000 for tuition fees only. But, studying the same course at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), one of the more established engineering institutions in Malaysia, will only cost around RM1 000 for one semester. While there is financial assistance available to alleviate the burden such as scholarship, PTPTN loans and many more, studying at a private university may be expensive for some people, especially if you have no financial support from your parents.
Other than that, lack of program availability. Numerous private universities do not offer as wide a scope of classes and major choices as public universities do. On the off chance that you are searching for a particular major, it will regularly be harder to locate a private university offers that choice and once you do find that university, it might be out of state and in this way out of spending plan. Then again, vast public universities are regularly ready to offer a more extensive scope of subjects for you to contemplate and more educators to cover them.
Perhaps most of the people who say the facilities at a public university are better but overall the ease of learning in both university is much the same. However, the convenience for students at public universities has little advantages. This is because most public universities have enormous campus sizes such as University Utara Malaysia and University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Bigger campuses mean more facilities, both for educational and social purposes, and more students can mean more diversity and more networking opportunities. Generally, private universities tend to be smaller than their public counterparts.
In conclusion, a public university is way better than a private university. The public university provides various facilities for their students, even the tuition fees are also much cheaper. However, both public and private universities have their own strengths. As long as the institution can push you closer to your goals and meet your needs and preferences, it is one of the most desirable choices.