While it is clear that the term metamorphosis mainly concerns the unexplainable changes that Gregor Samsa undergoes in Kafka’s story, The Metamorphosis, the other major characters experience a metamorphosis of their own as well. After Gregor’s transformation, he becomes utterly reliant on his family, in the way that they relied on his wages before his transformation. Despite Gregor’s unfortunate state and eventual death, considerable changes occur in each of his family members in order to sustain the family. Specifically, his father regains enthusiasm in work, his mother lives a more productive lifestyle, and Grete emerges as a matured and more independant version of her younger self. Fundamentally, Gregor’s sudden change as an insect causes his family to modify their ways in order to survive.

Since Gregor was the sole provider for the needs of his family prior to his transformation, it was unquestionably no longer an option for his father, mother, and sister to unproductively go about their days. Gregor explains that he “felt a great pride that he was able to provide a life like that is such a nice home for his sister and parents” (22). However, after Gregor’s transformation, Mr. Samsa has no choice but to withdraw from his retirement and resume his position in the workforce in order to keep his family afloat.

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