With the advancement of science and research into new areas, it has been discovered that there have been vast changes to the environment. Fundamental understanding of global warming concept should be understood. Stellar radiation get into the atmosphere and earth’s surface observed it. This lost radiation in the earth’s atmosphere as infra-red radiation and can’t escape outside atmosphere but penetrated quickly (Khasnis ; Nettleman, 2005). The Global Temperature has risen up averagely and it’s recorded at high for last fifty years. There are two major causes of global warming occurrence; they are Greenhouse gasses which consist of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous-oxide, and deforestation. The major effect of global warming are melting glacier, rising sea level, forest, farm, and cities will face troublesome and habitat extinction such as coral reef and alpine meadows. In order to avoid this worst effect of global temperature rising, we have to do more with other countries to decrease our usage of fossil fuel, energy should be generated without carbon emission, and renewable energy should be encouraged, reduce usage of water for coal power plant and drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. Finally, control of global warming is the very important thing for Humans to build healthy and more secure communities for a future generation.

The Surface temperature of planet earth has increased and it caused mainly because of greenhouse gasses and deforestation. Greenhouse gasses consist of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrocarbons, per fluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride. Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide have happened naturally and hydrocarbons (HFCs), per fluorocarbon (PFC) and sulfur hexafluoride (SFGs) are man-made. HFC and PFC is a high observer of heat. Methane and nitrous oxide absorb more heat per molecules than carbon dioxide. Nature’s defense system against this greenhouse gasses is soil and trees. Human activity such as uncontrolled deforestation advances the global warming and finally gives direction to heavy natural disaster. Deforestation includes burning, pasture and conquering forest land. The increase in pasture area was largely facilitated by a decrease in forest and woodland area, which directly implies a rate of deforestation of up to 2.2 million hectors per year. Land speculation is a major cause of deforestation. It means trade in the land to achieve a capital gain, gives rapidly changes in land price. Finally, nutrition depletion and soil erosions lead to the abandonment of unproductive pasture areas and increase the subsequent acquisition of forest area for pasture establishment (Roebling ; Hendrix, 2009).

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According to the World Health Organization, some 2.5 million people die every year from a non-infectious disease directly attributed to environmental factors such as air pollution, extreme weather events, and exposure to chemicals. Increased temperature and altered rainfall may result in increased losses of minerals in land and plant nutrition. Increased frequency of extreme climatic events increase the sea water level, coastal land affected by flooding leads to salination, and water and agricultural land get contaminated. Global agricultural production gets reduced tend to climate change. Food price, malnutrition, and intensity of hunger get increased at a higher level of risk. The risk of hunger is projected to increase by 10-20 percent by 2050 as a consequence of climate change (Rasal, 2013). Over succeeding, decades of an ongoing climate change will possibly have excessive negative impacts across earth including significant effects on glacier melting, river flows, groundwater recharge, and biodiversity. Global average sea level will consequently rise; estimates indicate that by 2100 sea level will be about 500mm higher than today as a result of global warming. Under specific greenhouse gas and sulfate aerosol forcing that glacier melts equivalent to 132mm of sea level rise will occur over a period of 1990-2100, with further 76mm from melting of Greenland ice sheet (Gregory ; Oerlemans, 1998).

Anthropogenic atmospheric emission of carbon dioxide should be controlled and geologically sequestrated by the immediate availability of technology. Carbon dioxide can be sequestrated with deep aquifers to form water. Natural diffusive sinks such as vegetation and soil have to be enhanced, which act as the natural observer of hundreds of billions of carbon. The territorial ecosystem can be improved by changing forestry and agricultural practice; this indirectly means to do afforestation. Carbon dioxide frequency in the atmosphere is increased because of the high use of fossil fuels; this can be controlled by using biofuels. It is used instead of fossil fuel in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission from transporting sector (Khanna, Crago, ; Black, 2011). Hybrid and bio-power cars can be used to cut carbon dioxide. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle which produces virtually no carbon, so switching over to hydrogen fuel cell could have very great benefits for the long term. The greatest advantage of using hydrogen fuel cell as fuel is it produces water as output, which is environment-friendly fuel. Coal and nuclear power plant should be reduced to avoid carbon, methane and hazardous gas emission, instead of this we can utilise the full potential of solar, wind, tidal, and wave for power production and we can meet our demand. If everyone in the world moderates their transportation and made small changes in household energy, then we would achieve a change in climate change.

It has been shown, Global warming is threatening to our human’s even for other species on our earth. This vitally generated by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrofluoric carbons and deforestation. Effect of this weather change has increased sea level, rainfall difference, surface temperature lifted, iceberg melting and forest land utilized which affect animal’s misplacement. Resolutions for environmental change, carbon dioxide discharge should be controlled and reduction of fossil fuel. Bio-fuel and renewable energy should be used for transportation and power production. When we more conscious of our surroundings and environment, we can lead a felicitous and healthful life. It’s our responsibility to give the sounder environment for our next generation and we should appreciate other living species for their sustenance. We are not supposed to disorder nature and we are here to live along with nature. So reuse, reduce and recycle the waste and appreciate nature.