world to embrace peacefulness in their work. Gandhi extended the principle of non-violence from human being to the political and the social life. Hence, he conjoined all the aspects and information related to truth under one concept called Satyagraha. Satyagraha means standing for the truth and justice without the intention to harm anybody no matter how they may have wronged. Therefore, this paper is set to analyze the application of the non-violence resistance to the political struggle.
Gandhi’s non-violence resistance has a wider application in the world today. Many people in the political arena apply this concept in the way they think, act, and work (Sibley 54). Gandhi projected different methods that people can take action on so that they may avoid violence in their life. The techniques used by the social radicles like the anarchist, trade unions, and socialist people like strikes and boycott was largely envisaged around violence arena (Sibley 64). However, Gandhi condemned this and advocated that people can hire their grievances in a more peaceful manner so that they cannot evoke violence. Similarly, the government should table, discuss and reach a conclusion with all the servants in a more peaceful manner.
Gandhi expanded the methods of actions people would take to hire their grievances and he provided a link between the social influences and how new institutions can be built in a non-violence manner. Gandhi condemned the non-cooperation means, defiance control of the political power, disobedience, and the other political powers that are inhuman (Gandhi 25). Therefore, he introduced satyagraha which means that the people should focus on the truth and be firm when dealing with matters of human beings. This technique of Gandhi was entrenched more to the political powers where the rulers have to be submissive, obedient and cooperate with the subjects. The governing and the governed should agree fearlessly and no power should be applied to people to make them reach a conclusion.
Gandhi also advocated for the fight against racial discrimination and segregation. Adoption of the non-violence means in dealing with the subjects is the best weapon that can be used by the government. Gandhi maintained that if non-violence ruling can be adapted by the politician, the subjects can be guaranteed a bright future. For example, whe